The Show

'The Show' Animation Still

Animation > Short Film

An animated short film surrounding the routine lives and pre-show practices of a small traveling carnival troupe.

Wish In My Dish

Wish In My Dish

Animation > Music Video

Animated music video for Susy Blue's "Wish In My Dish". A collaboration with illustrator Belinda Suzette.



Animation > Theatre

Short animated vignette's commissioned for live theatre production, "Beached" by Melissa Bubnic (MTC Education).


Shortchanged (2011) comic. Digital.

COMIC A short comic originally published in Drawn From Life, a free cartoon newspaper edited and produced by Oslo Davis that was unleashed across Melbourne as part …

366 Portraits


New project I’ve set a new drawing challenge for 2012! I’ll be a creating a drawn, painted or animated portrait a day for the (leap) …



Animation > stop-motion

A series of stop-motion vignettes surrounding childhood ritual and adventure...

Toy Trouble

Animation still from 'Toy Trouble'

Animation > short film

An uptight Toy Store owner’s ‘No Children Allowed' policy takes a strange twist when he encounters a young boy eager to get his attention...

an Afternoon with Abigale

Animation still from 'An Afternoon with Abigale'

Animation > short film

Short character vignette exploring a grandmothers love for her less-than-deserving granddaughter.

Bus Stop

'Bus Stop' animation still


Mayble's peaceful and otherwise perfect morning is set askew by an unfortunate (but frequent) public transport blunder...