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Capture is a 10 page comic created for Fly the Colour Fantastica: A Comic Anthology.

Fly the Colour Fantastica is a story-driven comic anthology features 12 stand-alone chapters produced by 12 Australian artists, including co-creators Eri Kashima and Vikki Ong.

The sold out hardcover publication, produced in a limited edition run of 500, contains 160 pages of beautiful full-colour artwork. A digital PDF download is avaliable for purchase in the Fly the Colour Fantastica online store. The project was successfully crowd-funded by Kickstarter.

Fly the Colour Fantastica won a 2016 Silver Ledger award for Excellence in Australian Comics, and was a shortlisted finalist in the 2015 Aurealis Awards.

Vikki Ong, Eri Kashima, Nadia Attlee, Alicia Braumberger, Viet-My Bui, Sheree Chuang, Rebecca Hayes, Sam Jacobin, Alisha Jade, Sai Nitivoranant, Natasha Sim, Eevien Tan