Selected work across animation and motion

ROLE: Storyboards / Design / Illustration / Animation (Episode 1)

Director & Producer:
Kris Darmody

Production Company:
Sheepwash Productions

 Father of the Fair Go was broadcast on Channel 7 in March 2019.


Father of the
Fair Go

I was commissioned by Curated Content to design and create a series of animated segments for ‘Father of the Fair Go’, a documentary about Maurice Blackburn’s life.

I created animation for Episode One, covering his early years- adolescence, education, and early activism.


Featuring prominent Australians from political, legal and union circles, Father of the Fair Go is a documentary detailing the life of one of Australia’s most prolific social reformers and progressive thinkers, Maurice Blackburn.


Tame the Beast

Animated Explainer for

A 2D animated explainer by Professor Lorimer Moseley, a pain Scientist at the University of South Australia. Here Professor Lorimer Moseley explains how pain works and explains new approaches to help reduce your pain.

I worked with Isobel Knowles (director & animator) on this project. The brief was to communicate new thinking and research on persistent pain in a clear, accessible way for both patients and health professionals.


The animation sits in the context of the website This is a freely available, non-commercial education space that hopes to inspire research-based action in the treatment of pain.

ROLE: Story Development / Storyboards / Design / Illustration / Animation
(with Isobel Knowles)

Funded by: University of South Australia, Form

Project Website:

Full Credits: Concept by Educators Lorimer Mosely & Dave Moen, Narration by Lorimer Mosely, Directed by Isobel Knowles, Story Development, illustration, animation by Isobel Knowels & Rebecca Hayes, Music and sound by Jeremy Dower, Art Direction by Sam Chisholm

Animation: Isobel Knowles & Rebecca Hayes

Illustration: Benjamin Portas

Music & Sound Design: Mirko Geurrini


Aztecs: Travels to Tenochtitlán

Animated Education Presentation
for the Melbourne Museum

A 15 minute animated presentation commissioned by the Melbourne Museum to coincide with the exhibition Aztecs: An Epic Story of Life and Death.


Museum staff interacted with this light-hearted and informative multimedia presentation  to introduce  students to the world of the Aztecs. The presentation played at the Museum theaterette during the Opening Celebrations and school holidays.


Stiching Time

Group exhibition curated by
Dell Stewart & Isobel Knowles
Craft Victoria, 17 Oct – 30 Nov 2013

For this group exhibition, I collaborated with Pene Durston to create a “living” quilt that incorporated kaleidoscopic movement and animated embroidery.

This animation formed part of the installation ‘Remnant Landscape‘, read more about it here.


“Stitching Time” is a collection of collaborations curated by Dell Stewart and Isobel Knowles exploring the relationship between textiles and animation. It features work by Jeremy Dower, Pene Durston, Rebecca Hayes, Isobel Knowles, Kate Matthews, Dell Stewart, Kayo Taguchi, Maryann Talia-Pau,  Pauline Tran-Cecil and Harvest Textiles.

Video: ‘Remnant Landscape’ (excerpt) by Pene Durston & Rebecca Hayes
Embroidery by Penelope Durston / Animation by Rebecca Hayes / Banjo by Al McInnes

ROLE: Concept / Direction /Animation

Illustration: Belinda Suzette
Music: Susy Blue


Wish in my Dish

Music Video for Susy Blue

I was commissioned by Susy Blue to animate the music video for her catchy new single ‘Wish In My Dish’.

I had the pleasure of animating the delightful and colourful illustrations of Belinda Suzette for the video.



Animation for Melbourne Theatre Company Production

Southbank Theatre, The Lawler
22 April – 10 May 2013

I was commissioned to produce several short animated vignettes for the Melbourne Theatre Company’s Education production of Beached, by Melissa Bubnic.

Through stunning animations created with immense skill by Rebecca Hayes, Arty’s adventures are deliciously depicted, and Bubnic’s script comes alive in a way that mere description or even the acting out of would not be able to achieve.

Theatre People


Animations were projected on stage throughout the show, bringing to life the vivid imagination and internal struggles of the protagonist Arty, an obese teenager facing gastric bypass surgery.

ROLE: Storyboard / Design / Illustration / Animation

Creative Team
Director – Petra Kalive
Set Designer – Andrew Bailey
Costume Designer – Kat Chan
Lighting Designer – Lisa Mibus
Sound Designer – Robert Jordan
Animator – Rebecca Hayes

Anthony Ahern, Susie Dee, Fanny Hanusin, Damien Sunners